Free Spins

If you have ever visited an online or a land-based casino, there’s a good chance that you came across the term ‘Free Spins.’ It’s a common phrase in a casino setting, but what does it really mean when a casino says its offering free spins? Well, it means that the casino is willing to give the player (you) a chance to spin the reels on one of the slot games in the casino for free. Typically, players are needed to make a deposit before they can touch the ‘play’ button to spin the reels.

Free spins mean that you will not pay for the game yourself, the casino will cover the risk and if you win, you get to keep real money and the casino loses. Sometimes, online casinos give bonuses packaged as free spins on certain games. If you have ‘Free Spins,’ no money will be deducted from your account and you get to play until you exhaust the free spins. These free spins are credited to your account as a bonus round. The other type of free spins is referred to as ‘Free Spins No Deposit’ bonus and it’s not the same thing as ‘Free Spins’ explained above.

‘Free Spins No Deposit’ Bonus Explained

The number of online casinos in the World Wide Web is very high and it increases by the day. That means there are numerous online casinos but not as many gamblers to fill these online establishments. Every online casino is doing its best to attract players, the competition is high. The players, on the other hand, won’t just sign up with any other online casino that pops up. They need a reason to do that. Therefore, casinos have to provide an incentive in order to get more players.

The Free Spins No Deposit offer is one of the most common ways of attracting new players that casinos use. It’s an incentive for signing up and opening an account with the casino. For the player, it’s an opportunity to win some real money without the associated risk. If you play your free spins and win, you keep the money. If you don’t win, you lose nothing. It’s a win-win situation for both parties; the casino acquires a new player and you (the player) get to play for free with a chance of winning real money.

‘Free Spins No Deposit’ Bonus Restrictions

Free Spins No Deposit offers are meant to attract new players. All you need to do to claim the bonus is to sign up a new account with the casino and you’re good to go. However, you will find that in some cases, the winnings you make in ‘Free Spins No Deposit’ bonuses come with strings attached. For instance, the money you win may be subject to certain wagering requirements. Also, these types of bonuses are usually limited to a small number of online casino games. Rules and restrictions regarding ‘Free Spins No Deposit’ offers vary greatly from one casino to the next.